Water polo in the desert… looking at a pool when it is over 105 is somewhat cruel.

Another SpaceX launch

SpaceX launch

Summer special: ½ cold brew coffee, ½ horchata over ice

Summer drink photo

My pizza game is getting better.

My community loves to suffer. #mbApr prompt suggestions by @stupendousman

Exhausted bike rider

Bursting forth with surprise #mbApr

Bird of paradise flower

Looking for ice in the desert. Hockey time.

Ice hockey rink

Is it small or a cactus… yes

Small cactus bloom

Cholla’s not be jumping.

Solar power generation impact of an eclipse

Graph is solar power generation during eclipse

Eclipse is eclipsing…

Colander and an eclipse Old man looking at the sun (eclipsing)Eclipse in the shadow of a colander

Taking some timeout for yourself is a recipe for well-being

SpaceX up and away

Desert foliage or serenity you be the judge

Cholla in the sun

Feel like I am getting to be a part of the developer / pizza making Venn diagram… my second Ooni pizza sessionn is looking better.

Pizza practice


This is some kind of source-ry, a personal home page that is a desktop environment… Crazy

And so Covid finally landed in our vaccinated and boosted home. Wife and I are positive, daughter who is still at home is negative. Fingers crossed she stays that way.

Why does every interaction with every vendor result in being hounded by survey after survey, drives me crazy. Doesn’t matter if I went to the pet store and bought the food for my puppy, ordered something online or interacted with customer support….. survey, reminder about the survey, oh hey did you get our survey….

Steamer basket eclipse

Steamer basket making pinhole images of the eclipse

A day in a puppy’s life

Puppy sitting in the grass

Abstract a day late

Ok so I know I live in the desert but Apple please don’t truncate the temperature when it is over 99 degrees it really really doesn’t help IMG 2612

Weather - rare desert snow

Exclusive: Surveillance Footage of Tesla Crash on Bay Bridge

Exclusive: Surveillance Footage of Tesla Crash on Bay Bridge:

HIGHWAY SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE from Thanksgiving Day shows a Tesla Model S vehicle changing lanes and then abruptly braking in the far-left lane of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, resulting in an eight-vehicle crash. The crash injured nine people, including a 2-year-old child, and blocked traffic on the bridge for over an hour.

Having experienced the “Phantom Braking” a couple of times while using just the traffic-aware cruise control it is terrifying and is really unsafe. Time to stop using that feature for a while. I have been reporting it both to the NTSB and Tesla when it happens.

Happy new year to all you independant thinkers out there.